Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shopping on 3/30

Stopped at 2 stores yesterday and racked up some savings.

First stop was Food World. They were having triple coupons under $.55 through today. So I took all the coupons I had under $.55 and went through the store to see what was available and what was a good or great buy and this is what I got ...

The Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Sprayer had been clearanced for 12.99 and I had a 7.00 coupon.
Total I spent $38.66 on $96.99 making a savings of $61.10 (63%)

Next stop was Publix. Even though I messed up on saving some extra money I still did good. The napkins, spaghetti sauce, brown mustard, BBQ sauce and milk were all totally free. Here is what I got there ...

Total at Publix $35.89 on $110.11 making a savings of $74.77 (68%)

Totals for tonight - $207.10 in groceries for $74.55 a total savings of $132.55 (65%)
Woo Hoo

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